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Earlier today, tumblr informed me that yesterday was the 60th Anniversary of the first airing of I Love Lucy. I’m so serious about …Lucy that I don’t even plan on making any stupid jokes in this post. You’re welcome.

It seems silly that a television show could mean so much to people, myself included. But it’s impact on my life has been hugely important, in ways both big and small yet always surprising.

I raised myself on a diet of cartoons and TV Land, but when I discovered I Love Lucy it rocked my world. Late at night, a five-or-six year old me flipped through the channels, stumbling across the season one episode “Young Fans”. I was hooked and stayed up to watch the several other episodes that aired immediately afterward.

From then on, if Lucy was on tv, I’d be sat in front of it. I shared my love with my family, and anyone else who would listen. I’d hum the theme song unrelentingly, and quickly incorporated “‘splainin'” into my vocabulary. It became a part of my life. And now, many years later, watching an episode is like visiting old friends.

It’s funny, because it wasn’t until recently that I realized that I actually think in terms of Lucy. It has influenced me in ways I never would have thought of, from the clothes that I like, to my passion of theatre, performing, and comedy. Occasionally, I’ll see something in a completely different way than someone who didn’t grow up on the show like I did.

And I’m so glad that I did.

ps. This is the most serious post I ever plan to write. At least until some Brady Bunch related event comes along.