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Yesterday involved:

-Waking up at the ungodly hour of 7:30. (Did you know they have one of those in the morning, too?)

-Wondering around in the bushes behind Sears and almost falling off a cliff in the process.

-Going to the local farmer’s market.

-Being forced to take sample after unwanted sample of indian food, although it was delicious.

-Being harassed by a cupcake man.

-Going to work and getting so bored that I started contemplating whether or not I could wear any of the large dog collars as belts. Then I may or may not have tried some on to see.

-Attempting to get into the midnight showing of Rocky Horror only to be told it’s been sold out for days. And then we were given sass by the apparently amish dude that worked behind the counter at the movie theatre. (And by “given sass” I mean that he was the one that told us it was sold out.)

-Abandoning that plan and going with the next best thing: diet coke and mentos. It ended up being extremely anticlimactic, for the record.

-Leaving to go to IHOP.

-Pulling over five minutes later when we realized that we had no idea where IHOP was or how to get there. After getting that straightened out, we panicked because the car almost didn’t start again. We would’ve been stranded in the middle of the night, in front of a violin store, and across the street from the world’s shadiest looking and most expensive bingo hall. (Although, yes, a violin store. I know, that’s what I thought too)

-Getting to IHOP and spending a few hours writing a poem about the above incident.

Today involves building a 12 foot tall scarecrow. So more of the same, really. Assuming I’m not dreaming all of this.