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I’ve been desperately trying to commit to vegan(ish) eating for the past few days. It’s not going well. Like, I’ve-written-“VEGAN”-on-my-hand-in-bright-red-ink-so-that-I’ll-see-it-and-remember-that-I-can’t-actually-eat-that-orange-and-chocolate-scone-which-was-delicious-by-the-way levels of “not going well.”

Ah well.

To distract myself from some sort of mean spirited* pie that I’ve been told is in the fridge, allow me to share a few of the old pictures that I’ve collected. (click to enlarge)

*mean spirited = I can’t eat it

The four smiling faces pulled me in, but it’s what written on the back that I love the most. I like to think they remained close friends for a very long time. At least, I certainly hope so.

The obvious joy here is the kid in the middle, but there’s a simple elegance in the outfit on the left. I really hope it wasn’t just pajamas.

She’s fantastic, as is the shadow of the photographer. Also, there’s something about that palm tree that makes me want to hug it. Over sharing?

Alright, I’m off to stare longingly at some cheese.