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I am finally free from the tyranny that was my Spanish II class. I don’t know why no one ever mentions this but learning another language is hard, y’all!

Folksy contractions aside, my new found spare time allows me to not only indulge in some holiday cheer but to catch up on other neglected aspects of my life. For the past however long, I have been justifying the laundry on the floor and the dishes piling up on the desk because I was too busy studying for my final. The fact that I found plenty of time to shop online for wigs and watch endless 30 Rock reruns is irrelevant.

But no more! I will pick up that laundry. I will wash those dishes. I will gut my closet and ditch everything I don’t need. I will reorganize my bookshelves. I will dust properly and not just swish around one of those swiffer things and call it good enough. I WILL SCRUB THE WALLS. (Is that something that adult humans even do? They don’t look like they need scrubbing, but I’m the slob that leaves dirty dishes around forever so I’m probably not the best judge.)

Anyway, that’s my next big adventure. But on the other hand, we don’t have any of our decorations up yet, and time is running out. Surely, that’s the bigger priority. I should probably work on that instead.

Those unfolded towels have been sitting there for ages, they can wait a little longer. Stop trying to ruin Christmas, you terrycloth Scrooges.